Yuria... Eien ni

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Yuria... Eien ni
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Japanese Name ユリア・・・永遠に
Artist Crystal King
Lyricist Hidetoshi Nomoto
Composer Hiromi Imakyurei
Arranger Hiromi Imakyurei
Hiromoto Tobisawa
Label Pony Canyon
Length 3:05
Release Date October 5, 1984
Use Episodes 1 - 82

Yuria... Eien ni (ユリア・・・永遠に, lit. "Yuria... Forever") is the first ending song of the Fist of the North Star TV anime, performed by the hard rock band Crystal King. It is paired with Ai wo Torimodose!!, which is the first opening theme.

Ending Animation[edit]

A timelapse of snowy mountains before the Nuclear War is shown scroll horizontally play. It cuts to a more static shot of a greener mountain as the clouds slowly move. The camera slowly pans over a small forest of sparse pine tree with the mountains in the background while clouds roam between them. A shot of a river in a valley is shown, and some snow from along its bank falls into the water. A tall waterfall with some shrubbery in front of it play until it cuts to a small forest detailing a small river with tall with thin trees and bushes slightly obscuring it.

It changes to a upward shot of the sun peaking between the leafy tops of trees. It cuts to a small, orange roofed house in the center of a field with trees still obscuring the top of the screen. The camera begins to pan over a field of wheat, getting closer to the house. Eventually Yuria is shown in front of it surronded by planted trees, holding a bucket of water and smiling.


Japanese Kanji Japanese Romaji English Translation
時間の中で生きてる Jikan no naka de ikiteru Living in the center of time
孤独な囁き Kodoku na sasayaki An isolated whisper
手探りの中 覚えた Tesaguri no naka oboeta Grasping for memories
ぬくもりと淋しさ nukumori to sabishisa of warmth and loneliness
まぶしく輝く Mabushiku kagayaku Shining radiance
お前の身体抱き寄せ・・・現在 Omae no karada dakiyose... ima To embrace your body... now
そうさ愛する人には 時代は流れ Sō sa aisuruhito ni wa jidai wa nagare And so for lovers time flows
徨う心に 明日は見えない Samayō kokoro ni ashita wa mienai For the wandering spirit tomorrow cannot be seen
光の中で揺れてる Hikari no naka de yureteru Flickering inside the light
お前の微笑 Omae no hohoemi Your smiling face
足音だけをのこして Ashioto dake o nokoshite Leaving behind only footsteps
闇に消える シルエット Yami ni kieru SILHOUETTE The darkness vanishes in your silhouette
満たされ 羽ばたき Mitasare habataki Flapping wings of satisfaction
女神が背中向けて・・・現在 Megami ga senaka mukete... ima The goddess turns her back... now
だから今日より 明日より 愛が欲しい Dakara kyō yori asu yori ai ga hoshii And so from today to tomorrow I want your love
夢より愛する君が欲しい 全てが・・・ Yume yori ai suru kimi ga hoshii subete ga... More than dreams I want all of you who I love...



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