Wu Dong-Lai

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Wu Dong-Lai
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Chinese Name 吳東來
Romaji Name Go Tō-Rai
Gender Male
Nationality Chinese
Position "Number Four" boss of the Hong Hua Hui
Affiliation Hong Hua Hui
Manga Debut Chapter 8 (Fist of the Blue Sky)
Anime Debut Episode 5 (Fist of the Blue Sky)
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Boiled alive by Kenshiro Kasumi
Voice Actor(s) Chafurin

I think... I'll do some cooking today
—Wu Dong-Lai, Chapter 29: Ask the Dragon

Wu Dong-Lai (吳東來 Go Tō-Rai) is the "Number Four" boss of the Hong Hua Hui. After suffering injuries caused by Kenshiro Kasumi in the past, he is bound to a wheelchair and needs to use a crane to raise and lower his head. A triggerhappy womanizer, he desires actress Yang Mei-Yu, who is Pan Guang-Lin's girlfriend, for himself.


Wu is a short, fat man who is always seen sitting in his wheelchair. He is completely bald and has two giant "Ո"-shaped eyebrows and a big nose. He wears a metal brace all around his neck, with a mechanism that can crank his head up and down, which is used for things like him eating.

He wears a simple robe with a dragon design on it and blades hidden in the sleeves as well as springed shoes that can make him "jump". He is shown to always carry a gun.


Wu is an ignorant, arrogant man with little concern for things other than his own desires. His ignorance is shown to be extreme, as he is illiterate, unable to even sign his own name, and gets very angry when Jean Carné jokingly tells him to draw an image of a pig instead. When angry, he handles his gun and fires it at random, causing even his own henchmen to resent him. He is a womanizer, greedily desiring lots of women, especially Yang Mei-Yu.


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