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Japanese Name ケンシロウ
Chinese Name 拳志郎
Romaji Name Kenshiro
Alias Ken
Birth Name Kenshiro
Age ~25-27
Birthday ~1970s
Gender Male
Martial Art Hokuto Shinken
Height 185 cm
Weight 100 kg
Sizes 132-90-105 BWH
Residence Mamiya's Village
Nationality Japanese
Religion Buddhist
Occupation Martial artist
Position 64th successor of Hokuto Shinken
Hobbies Beating up thugs
Likes Fighting
Dislikes Not fighting
Family Yuria (fiancée)
Affiliation Kenshiro's Group
Manga Debut Chapter 1
Anime Debut Episode 1
Status Alive
Cause of Death None
Voice Actor(s) Akira Kamiya
Dub Voice Actor(s) Lex Lang

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