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Japanese Name 死兆星
English Name Death Omen Star
Alternate Name(s) Alcor
Manga Debut Chapter 62
Anime Debut Episode 44
SPOILER WARNING: This page contains spoilers!

Shichosei (死兆星, lit. "Death Omen Star") is a small star next to the Big Dipper also known as Alcor. It is said that anyone who is able to see the star is fated to die within the year, their time left being represented by the star "falling".


Toki describes Shichosei looking up at the night sky, a campfire in front of him. Mamiya returns to their camp with more firewood, and the two talk to each other about Yuria. Mamiya compares herself to Yuria, but says that she doesn't mind being like the small star beside the rest of the Big Dipper. Toki becomes greatly concerned upon hearing this, but she leaves thinking that Ken will be returning soon.

When Rei goes to Mamiya's Village and challenges Raoh, he asks him if he can see a small star that shines next to the Big Dipper during night. Rei replies that he can, and Raoh calls him a fool who's destined to die during their fight. Rei attempts to kill Raoh in a suicide attack, but Raoh was able to see through it and forcefully strikes Rei's 'Shinketsushu' pressure point, leaving him with only three days to live.

Rei dedicated the last days of his life to protecting Mamiya and defeating Yuda. After tricking Ken and Rei, Yuda arrives at Mamiya's Village, and becomes aware that Mamiya has seen Shichosei, calling Rei a fool for dedicated his life to a woman who's fated to die too. After Yuda's defeat, Mamiya states that she's no longer able to see the star.

During Toki and Raoh's fated battle, Shichosei began to shine bright as two Hokuto users fought each other, with even Raoh being able to see it falling.

Characters Who Have Seen Shichosei[edit]

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