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Shiba Infobox.png
Japanese Name シバ
Romaji Name Shiba
Gender Male
Family Shu (father)
Affiliation Resistance
Manga Debut Chapter 88
Anime Debut Episode 62
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Exploded by dynamite
This character's name is sometimes translated as "Shiva"

My father and I both believe in you.
—Shiba, Chapter 88: Shiba Shines Bright!

Shiba (シバ Shiba) is the son of Shu and a member of the Resistance. He aides Kenshiro in his escape from the Holy Emperor's Cross Mausoleum. When they are attacked by the Holy Emperor's forces, he used dynamite to try and intimidate them.


Shiba is a young man with a slightly muscular build. He has long lighter hair and big eyes. He has a rope headband that he has on his forehead.

He wears a jacket-like shirt and an undershirt with a shoulder pad on his right and pants. He is introduced wearing a cloak to conceal his identity. He eventually rips part of his shirt's sleeve off to bandage Kenshiro.


Shiba has an optimistic and outgoing temperament, likely inherited from his father. He makes the decision to save Kenshiro, and protect him eventually costing him his life. All while fighting, Shiba was able to keep a smile on his face.


After Kenshiro is defeated and captured by Souther to be in the base of his Holy Emperor Cross Mausoleum, Shiba goes to try and rescue him. Wearing a cloak to disguise himself, Shiba sneaks in, defeats two guards, and frees Ken. As the two escape, Shiba does his best to try and support Kenshiro, but he is barely conscious. After Kenshiro gets injured again, Shiba rips off part of his shirt's sleeve to bandage him, and they are noticed by some of the Holy Emperor's troops. Shiba stands up to try and fight them, revealing to Kenshiro that he has sticks of dynamite hidden in his clothes. He goes to try and take out all of the troops in a suicide attack to Ken's dismay.

When Ken returns to the Resistance hideout, he informs Shu of his death.


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