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Seeker Infobox.png
Japanese Name シーカー
Romaji Name Shiikā
Gender Male
Affiliation Kenoh's Army
Manga Debut Chapter 62
Anime Debut Episode 44
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Killed by Kenshiro
Voice Actor(s) Shigeru Chiba

Heh heh heh! I am the Seeker with the Kenoh Recon Patrol!
—Seeker, Chapter 62: The Blue Glow of Shichosei!

The Seeker (シーカー Shiikā) is a part of Kenoh's Army's Recon Patrol who attempts to ambush Mamiya when she was separated from the rest of the group. Kenshiro was able to reunite with Mamiya and quickly defeated the perverted agent, saving her.


The Seeker is an odd-looking man of a tall build. Most of his facial features are hidden because he wears a helmet with horns and has goggles that look like backward binoculars. He also has an eerily long tongue.

He wears an armored tunic-like shirt with shoulder pads and arm braces with spikes on them. He has a belt with a reptilian tail-like formation on its back. He also has metallic knee guards.


The Seeker is a sadistic and perverted member of Kenoh's Army, showing joy in the fact that his first opponent is a woman. He showed great joy in explaining to Mamiya that he will take her head back to Kenoh and tries to lick her repeatedly.


After Mamiya finishes talking to Toki she goes to take a walk, the Seeker then tries to sneak up on her to ambush her. He explains to her that he is a part of Kenoh's Army and that if he brings her head back to Kenoh, he will be happy. Mamiya tries to attack him, but he effortlessly blocks her weapons trapping her. He tells Mamiya that it'd be a shame to kill her right away, but Kenshiro jumps down from above to land on his helmeted head, causing the Seeker to accidentally bite off his tongue. Ken then takes the Seeker's steel rods and proceeds to beat him with them until his face is deformed and he dies.



  • Steel Rods: The Seeker possesses two steel rods that he tries to use to attack Mamiya, but they are taken from him by Kenshiro.


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