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Sayaka Infobox.png
Japanese Name サヤカ
Romaji Name Sayaka
Gender Female
Residence Land of Shura
Family Ryuo (ancestor)
Unnamed Mother
Kaioh (older brother)
Raoh (older brother)
Toki (older brother)
Hyoh (fiancé)
Manga Debut Chapter 189
Anime Debut Episode 139
Status Decased
Cause of Death Killed by Kaioh
Voice Actor(s) Gara Takashima

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Sayaka (サヤカ Sayaka) is Kaioh's younger sister, as well as Raoh and Toki's, and the fiancée of Hyoh. She is killed by Kaioh who tells Hyoh that Kenshiro is the one who killed her, awakening his Hokuto Ryuken's demonic aura.


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