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Ryuga Infobox.png
Japanese Name リュウ
Romaji Name Ryūga
Gender Male
Martial Art Taizan Tenroken
Height 186 cm (6 ft 1 in)
Weight 102 kg (225 lbs)
Sizes 130-92-106 BWH
Family Yuria (younger sister)
Juza (younger half-brother)
Shoza (half-nephew)
Affiliation Kenoh's Army
Manga Debut Chapter 105
Anime Debut Episode 73
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Suicide via disembowelment
Voice Actor(s) Hideyuki Hori
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Ryuga (リュウ Ryūga) is the biological older brother of Yuria and a follower of Kenoh. Representing the bright, solitary star Sirius, he uses the Taizan Tenroken martial art that freezes his opponents as they die. He goes after Kenshiro, and later Toki, to fulfill his own and Kenoh's wishes.


Ryuga is a man of above-average height and a muscular build. He has short, somewhat messy light blue hair, and narrow eyes with sharp eyebrows and a sharp chin.

He wears a cape that forms a high collar around his neck, decorated with necklace-like jewelry consisting of animal-fang decorations with gemstones on either side of it. He has notably small shoulder pads and slight sleeves with armored arm braces. He also has a high belt of sorts that covers his abs. He has decently baggy pants, metallic boots, and sometimes has metallic knee gaurds.


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Taizan Tenroken[edit]

Taizan Tenroken (泰山天狼拳, lit. "Taizan Celestial Wolf Fist") is Ryuga's martial art. It is a quick and cruel style that inflicts the cold on and freezes his opponents. This section requires expansion.


  • Bow: Ryuga is shown to carry a bow, however, he is seldom seen using it.

Character Rating[edit]

Ryuga's rating taken from the Fist of the North Star Ultimate Handbook:

B Tier
Image Power Speed Skills Looks Charisma Total
Ryuga Av.png 3 3 4 4 4 18







  • Ryuga is modeled after British musician and actor David Bowie.

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