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Rei Infobox.png
Japanese Name レイ
Romaji Name Rei
Gender Male
Martial Art Nanto Suichoken
Height 183 cm (6 ft)
Weight 99 kg (218 lbs)
Sizes 132-92-106 BWH
Occupation Mercenary
Family Unnamed Parents
Airi (younger sister)
Affiliation Kenshiro's Group
Manga Debut Chapter 26
Anime Debut Episode 23
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Left with 3 days to live after Raoh struck his Shinketsushu pressure point
Voice Actor(s) Kaneto Shiozawa
Dub Voice Actor(s) Daran Norris
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What color is your blood?! (てめぇらの血は何色だ?!)
—Rei, Chapter 63: The Little Hero

Rei (レイ Rei) is the successor of the Nanto Suichoken martial art, one of the sects within Nanto Seiken, and a wandering mercenary searching to rescue his kidnapped sister Airi. He eventually agrees to help Kenshiro protect Mamiya's village and bears the destiny of the Star of Righteousness, Gisei.


Rei is a man of above-average height and a heavily muscular build. He has decently long unkempt hair that goes down to form usually two to four bangs on each side of his forehead. He has wide, narrow eyes and thick eyebrows, and a sharp chin.

Like Ken he wears a jacket-like shirt usually depicted as gray or blue with pants of similar coloring, metallic shoulder pads, and either bandages or leather armbraces on his wrists. At the collar of his shirt are six accessories resembling animal fangs with a circular gemstone at their center, which are replaced by a red scarf in the anime. At his waist are three belts and he wears boots with metallic knee guards.


Although he is stoic, serious, and smart, he also has a smug side and sometimes jokes around during grave situations such as during his and Kenshiro's fight against the Fang Clan Chieftain and Ken's fight against Amiba. He also displayed fearlessness during some situations such as when he selflessly went up agaist some of Raoh's troops and then Raoh himself.


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Nanto Suichoken[edit]

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Character Rating[edit]

Rei's rating taken from the Fist of the North Star Ultimate Handbook:

Tier A
Image Power Speed Skills Looks Charisma Total
Rei Manga Av.png 3 4 4 4 4 19


Love Interest[edit]

  • Mamiya: Rei credits Mamiya as the one who made him regain his humanity after falling into a violent disposition while searching for his sister Airi. He confesses his love to her before Raoh almost killed her by sending an arrow from her bowgun back at her, and Mamiya was grateful to Rei for professing his feelings. Rei dedicated the final days of his life to hunting down Yuda, an adversary from Mamiya's past.


  • Airi: Rei was overprotective of his sister Airi until the two reunited and she learned to live by herself. After she was kidnapped by Jagi, he was enraged and sought out to destroy him. Because of his drive to reunite with his sister, he fell into a dark and violent persona, describing himself as "losing his humanity". He stayed locked in this dangerous nature until he meet Kenshiro and fell in love with Mamiya.


  • Kenshiro: After forming a pact to protect Mamiya's village Ken and Rei formed a powerful team that would take on many foes such as the Fang Clan, Jagi, Amiba, and the horrors at Cassandra. Because of all that he did for him Rei thought that he owed Ken and challenged Raoh to a battle to protect Airi, Bat, and Rin, but was ultimately fatally struck down by Raoh. Upon hearing this Ken was greatly saddened and thought that Rei owed him nothing.
  • Bat: At first Bat was wary of Rei, thinking that if Kenshiro revealed to him that he had seven scars like the man he was searching for, they would fight. Eventually, Bat grew to trust Rei and turned to his help when Kenoh's Army attacked Mamiya's village.
  • Toki: After Raoh strikes Rei's Shinketsushu pressure point and his failure to find Yuda, Toki offers to press his Shinreidai pressure point to extend his life by one day. After accepting, Rei regained the strength to fight Yuda once again.


  • Jagi: Jagi was the mastermind behind kidnapping Rei's sister Airi. Although the two did not confront each other directly, Rei despised the man who captured his sister.
  • Raoh: When Raoh's Army attacked Mamiya's village Rei went to fight Raoh, aiming to kill both himself and Raoh, Rei thought that this was the only way he could repay Kenshiro for his companionship. However, Raoh saw through Rei's attack and left him with only three days to live.
  • Yuda: After it was revealed that Mamiya was once kidnapped by Yuda, Rei spent the last days of his life hunting him down to kill him. In the past, Yuda was entranced by Rei's graceful movements, and became extremely envious and turned to constantly insulting Rei. After his and Rei's duel, Yuda admits his wrongs and drives Rei's hand into his shoulders, killing himself.


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