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Ohgai Infobox.png
Japanese Name オウガイ
Romaji Name Ōgai
Gender Male
Martial Art Nanto Hoohken
Family Souther (adoptive son)
Manga Debut Chapter 94
Anime Debut Episode 67
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Accidently killed by Souther
Voice Actor(s) Masanobu Okubo
This character's name is sometimes translated as "Ogai"

I always saw Kyokusei, the polar star in your eyes...
—Ohgai's final words to Souther, Chapter 94: Because of Love!

Ohgai (オウガイ Ōgai) is the former successor of Nanto Hoohken and the adoptive father of Souther who trained him in it. After accidently being killed by Souther, his compassion became distorted, and he dedicated the Holy Emperor Cross Mausoleum to be his and Ohgai's final resting place.


Ohgai is an older man of around average height and an athletic build. He has longer, graying hair with a ponytail with a full beard, and narrow eyes.

In his first appearance, he wears a robe-like garb with arm braces and a distinctive pattern around his collar. When training Souther, he wears more combat-appropriate attire with shorter sleeves and buttons down the center of the shirt and shoulder pads and pants with boots.


Ohgai is a kind man, but despite his kindness, he still subjugated Souther to the harsh training that comes with being a successor to Nanto Hoohken. Even though Souther went through the training, he never grew to hate his adoptive father and even held him in high regard. When Ohgai died from Souther's hands, he was greatly saddened and even traumatized by the incident to the point that Souther abandoned his compassion.


Ohagi, without a son of his own, took in the orphaned Souther as his own child and began training him to be the next successor of Nanto Hoohken, along with other skills such as fishing with spears. As Souther grew up, Ohagi would monitor Souther's hard training and praise him when he made progress. When Souther was 15 years of age, he tested him with Nanto Hoohken's final trial: defeating an opponent while blindfolded. Souther took out his opponent, only to take off his blindfold and realize that it was his master. Fatally injured, Ohagi explains that he failed to pull away from Souther's attack, but that it was going to be okay because Nanto Hoohken could only have one successor and Souther had passed.

After the Nuclear War, Souther began taking young children from their families to force them to work on his Holy Cross Mausoleum to be the final resting place of not only him but his master Ohagi too. The pyramid features a secret mechanism that can display Ohagi's corpse, sitting in an upright position. After Souther is fatally injured by Kenshiro, he goes to lie next to his father's corpse as the pyramid collapses.



  • Souther: Without a son of his own, Ohagi took in Souther and trained him. Souther had great respect for Ohagi, but was distressed as his death so he cast aside his love and began construction of the Holy Cross Mausoleum which was to be his final resting place. In Souther's final moments he went to go and lay down next to Ohgai's body.


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