Nuclear War of 199X

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Nuclear War of 199X
Chapter 1.png
Japanese Name 199Xの核戦争
Romaji Name 199X no Kakusensō
Manga Debut Chapter 1
Anime Debut Episode 1

In the year 199X, the world was engulfed in nuclear fire!!
—Narrator, Chapter 1: A Cry from the Heart

The Nuclear War of 199X (199Xの核戦争 199X no Kakusensō) was a worldwide nuclear war that took place in the year 199X. It caused all life to seemingly perish, with humanity only barely surviving while causing the seas to dry up and the earth to split. The Colonel explains to Kenshiro how it started at the hands of his former General.



According to the Colonel, the Nuclear War started when he and the Red berets, who had trained to become noble and patriotic soldiers, visited their General's mansion only to find them all intoxicated. The General and all the other officials taunted the Red berets, saying that they could send them to war for no reason by simply launching missiles at any moment. Feeling betrayed that he worked so hard and shown loyalty to nothing but "rotten pigs", the Colonel left them.

The Colonel then describes how they made the most foolish choice of causing a nuclear war for ensuring their own profits, leaving only him and the Golan to survive leading them to believe they were God's chosen people.


Eventually, after the Nuclear War settled, humanity and its resources were left in shambles. The earth tore apart and the seas dried up, what little water was left was horribly polluted and unsafe to drink and food was scarce, so many violent gangs would form and attempt to steal them.


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