New Fist of the North Star

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New Fist of the North Star
Japanese Name 新・北斗の拳
Romaji Name Shin Hokuto no Ken
Director Takashi Watanabe
Producer Kayo Fukuda
Writer Hiroshi Toda
Nobuhiko Horie
Music Yasuharu Takanashi
Studio A.C.G.T
Year(s) Aired July 24, 2003 –
May 28, 2004
Episodes 3

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New Fist of the North Star (新・北斗の拳 Shin Hokuto no Ken) is a three episode long OVA adaptation of the light novel The Cursed City written by Buronson and Tetsuo Hara based on their manga Fist of the North Star, which serves as a sequel to the original story.

Plot Summary[edit]

The Cursted City[edit]

This section requires expansion.

The Forbidden Fist[edit]

This section requires expansion.

When a Man Carries Sorrow[edit]

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