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Toyo Infobox.png
Japanese Name トヨ
Romaji Name Toyo
Alias Auntie Toyo
Gender Female
Family Bat (adoptive son)
Taki (adoptive son)
Manga Debut Chapter 17
Anime Debut Episode 11
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Shock from an explosion
Voice Actor(s) Reiko Suzuki
Dub Voice Actor(s) Catherine Battistone

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There are other people like us in this world, and they all need him too.
—Toyo, Chapter 19: Village Abandoned by God

Toyo (トヨ Toyo) is an old lady who takes care of orphans who were abandoned by their parents after the Nuclear War. She tries to dig a well to get clean water for her village and is aided by Kenshiro, but their efforts are noticed by Jackal and his gang. When they attack she tries to protect them using a rifle she has.


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  • Rifle: Toyo has a rifle, which she says she will use to protect her kids. When the Warriors attack her village, she shoots Jackal with it, but it is shown to be not very effective on him.


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