Mamiya's Village's Elder

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Mamiya's Village's Elder
Japanese Name マミヤの村の長老
Romaji Name Mamiya no Mura no Chōrō
Alias Village Elder
Gender Male
Residence Mamiya's Village
Manga Debut Chapter 26
Anime Debut Episode 23
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Killed by Falco
Voice Actor(s) Kohei Miyauchi
Dub Voice Actor(s) Paul Carr (Episode 23)
William Bassett

This is our village. As you can see, we haven't lost our spirit.
—Mamiya's Village's Elder, Chapter 26: The Man of Nanto!

Mamiya's Village's Elder (マミヤの村の長老 Mamiya no Mura no Chōrō) is the elder of Mamiya's Village. The village agrees to take in the orphans left behind by Toyo in exchange for Kenshiro protecting it. He eventually dedicates statues to the heroes of Nanto Seiken and Hokuto Shinken, but they are destroyed.


The village elder is an elderly man with a somewhat short build. Initially, he had graying, receding hair but it grows to be fuller. He has a full beard and thick eyebrows.

He wears a hood and is sometimes depicted as having bandages on his arms under his clothes.


He is a humble and generous man, making time to comfort Mamiya after her brothers's death. He would go on to put forth a lot of effort to creating statues of Kenshiro and the Nanto Rokuseiken in his honor of them.


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