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Mamiya Infobox.png
Japanese Name マミヤ
Romaji Name Mamiya
Age ~25
Gender Female
Height 170 cm (5 ft 6 in)
Weight 65 kg (143 lbs)
Residence Mamiya's Village
Position Leader of her village
Family Unnamed Parents
Ko (younger brother)
Affiliation Kenshiro's Group
Manga Debut Chapter 26
Anime Debut Episode 23
Status Alive
Voice Actor(s) Toshiko Fujita
Dub Voice Actor(s) Mary Elizabeth McGlynn

It's what you get for not taking a woman seriously.
—Mamiya to the Fang Clan Chieftain, Chapter 33: Mamiya's Gamble!

Mamiya (マミヤ Mamiya) is a female warrior and the leader of her village who bears a shockingly similar appearance to that of Kenshiro's fiancée Yuria. She fights using bladed yo-yos, emeici, and a bowgun and teams up with Ken and Rei to help protect her village.


Mamiya is a woman of average height and a slim, athletic build. She has long brown hair and large eyes. She has an almost eerily similar appearance to that of Ken's fiancée Yuria, who he also mistakes her for in their first meeting. She has the letters "UD" branded on her back from when she was kidnapped by Yuda.

She wears a jacket-like shirt resembling a corset with shoulder pads noticeably smaller than those of her allies. Her arms are usually uncovered by clothing, aside from her wrists which both have leather arm braces. She also wears a pair of short shorts, sometimes alternated with a short skirt and high-heeled boots that extend above her knees in most depictions.


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Personal Skills[edit]


Love Interest[edit]

  • Rei: Rei credits Mamiya as the one who made him regain his humanity after falling into a violent disposition while searching for his sister Airi. He confesses his love to her before Raoh almost killed her by sending an arrow from her bowgun back at her, and Mamiya was grateful to Rei for professing his feelings. Rei dedicated the final days of his life to hunting down Yuda, an adversary from Mamiya's past.


  • Ko: Even though Ko was her only living family, she expressed an almost indifferent emotion at his death. She was still saddened and mourned for him but blamed him for getting caught by the Fang Clan and being reckless.


  • Rin: When they first met, Mamiya was kind to Rin, who was surprised to see flowers growing again. Mamiya would act like a role model to Rin, and the two are seen together multiple times.
  • Kenshiro: When they first encountered each other Ken was shocked at how strong Mamiya's appearance was to that of his fiancée Yuria's. Mamiya took this chance to test him with her bladed yo-yos. After this encounter the two worked alongside Rei to protect Mamiya's village. Eventually after Yuda's defeat and Rei's death Mamiya promises to Ken that she'll never fight again in the name of Rei.



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  • Mamiya is loosely based on the character Saki Asamiya from the manga Sukeban Deka.
    • In Japanese the name Asamiya (麻宮) can also be read as Mamiya.

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