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Madara Infobox.png
Japanese Name マダラ
Romaji Name Madara
Gender Male
Affiliation Fang Clan
Manga Debut Chapter 32
Anime Debut Episode 27
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Killed by Kenshiro via Hokuto Shinken
Voice Actor(s) Eiji Kanie

What is that?! Is it even human?!
Mamiya about Madara, Chapter 32: The Lingering Scent of Death!

Madara (マダラ Madara) is a bizarre werewolf-like creature with sharp teeth and nails that belongs to the Fang Clan. He goes berserk upon seeing Kenshiro and Fang Clan Chieftain makes him attack him.


Madara is a large, hairy beast who doesn't look human at all. He has big eyes, resembling those of a cat, and has a mouth full of fangs that he can open very wide, and long claws. Between his two eyes, he also has three fangs or claws that dangle from his forehead.

He wears minimal clothing, consisting of an entirely fur loincloth and leg warmers.


Madara's personality is solely driven by his animalistic instincts, he is shown growling or howling at things he doesn't like. When he is approached by Kenshiro he is driven made by the unbearable stench of death that surrounds him and attacks him under the supervision of the Fang Clan Chieftain.


When Kenshiro, Rei, and Mamiya go to the Fang Clan's mountains to rescue Airi, the Fang Clan Chieftain flaunts that he has Rei's sister as a hostage. As Rei goes to try and save her, the Chieftain is informed by another member that Madara is terrified for some reason, as he is howling. Another member says he became terrified as soon as he say "that guy", pointing at Kenshiro. The Chieftain expresses his disbelief as Madara jumps down to fight Kenshiro, as he lunges to attack him, Ken grabs the beast, punches him, and smacks him on the ground.

Madara gets back up and growls as Ken taunts him, commanding him to bite his arm, which Madara tries to do but can't. Ken reveals that he hit Madara's 'Kyonai' pressure point, preventing him from ever biting anyone again. Madara tries to attack again, but Kenshiro kicks out one of his teeth which lands on the Fang Clan Chieftain. Madara lunges once again but is punched in the eye by Kenshiro. Ken punches Madara several more times, causing him to explode, killing him.


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