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Kokuoh Infobox.png
Japanese Name 黒王
Romaji Name Kokuō
Alias Black King
Gender Male
Affiliation Kenoh's Army (formerly)
Manga Debut Chapter 64
Anime Debut Episode 46
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Exhaustion
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No man has ever frightend Kokuoh like this!
Raoh, Chapter 66: The Illusionary Maleficent Fists!

Kokuoh (黒王 Kokuō, lit. "Black King") is Raoh's gigantic all-black horse. Said to be roughly the size of an elephant, Raoh would use his steed to crush those he deemed unworthy to die from his own hands. After the death of Raoh himself, Kenshiro would inherit this horse from his older brother.


Kokuoh is an all-black horse with a white mane and tail. He is outfitted with a saddle that extends all the way off his back with triangular drapes and several decorative designs and circles as well as reins that continue the triangular pattern. He also has a necklace of sorts, consisting of multiple circular jewels or decorations.

After being inherited by Kenshiro, Kokuoh wears a makeshift eyepatch made out of cloth over his right eye.


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