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Ko Infobox.png
Japanese Name コウ
Romaji Name
Age 15
Gender Male
Residence Mamiya's Village
Family Unnamed Parents
Mamiya (older sister)
Manga Debut Chapter 28
Anime Debut Episode 23
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Killed by a Fang Clan member
Voice Actor(s) Ryo Horikawa
Dub Voice Actor(s) Bob Buchholz
Kirk Baily (Episode 25)
This character's name is sometimes translated as "Kou" or "Koh"

Damn you! Just kill me already!!
—Ko, Chapter 28: Men Who Have Seen Tears!!

Ko (コウ ) is Mamiya's younger brother. On his fifteenth birthday he is captured and held captive by Fang Clan members and killed infront of Mamiya and the other villagers. He has his pendant stolen from him, but it is recovered by Kenshiro and Rei.


Ko is a young man, with a slightly muscular build. He has scruffy darker hair and wide eyes.

He is shirtless, and only wears cargo-like pants. He has a pendant with a gemstone at its center and two other stones on either side of it.


Ko displays great bravery, standing up to the Fang Clan even when he was being held at knifepoint by them. He may also be a bit irresponsible, as Mamiya describes that he was captured becase he's careless.


After Kenshiro meets Mamiya and agrees to protect her village, Rei begins to converse with him. As Rei explains his motives, a guard notices that Ko has been captured by a Fang Clan member, distressing Mamiya. She goes over to the scene and sees her brother being held at knifepoint by them. Ko exclaims that they should just kill him instead of keep him hostage, and the Fang Clan begins explaining their motives. Several guards try to go and save him, but Mamiya prevents anyone from going to save him. Ko is then killed and has his pendant stolen, and no one can do anything about it. Mamiya talks about how it was Ko's 15th birthday.

Eventually, Ken and Rei return Ko's stolen pendant to Mamiya.



  • Mamiya: Ko was Mamiya's only family, so she wanted to protect him. Unfortunately, Ko is killed despite Mamiya's best wishes. When Ken and Rei return his pendant, Mamiya gives a speech about how his death will not be in vain.


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