Kenshiro Kasumi

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Kenshiro Kasumi
Kasumi Infobox.png
Chinese Name 霞 拳志郎
Romaji Name Kasumi Kenshirō
Alias Yan-Wang
Gender Male
Martial Art Hokuto Shinken
Occupation Lecturer at Towa Women's University
Position 62nd successor of Hokuto Shinken
Family Liu Xuanxin (grandfather)
Tesshin Kasumi (father)
Liu Yue-Ying (mother)
Ramon Kasumi (brother)
Pan Yu-Ling (wife)
Kenshiro (nephew)
Affiliation Qing Bang
Manga Debut Chapter 1 (Fist of the Blue Sky)
Anime Debut Episode 1 (Fist of the Blue Sky)
Status Alive
Voice Actor(s) Koichi Yamadera
Not to be confused with Kenshiro, for other characters with the family name Kasumi see the disambiguation page
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If you've got a problem with Hokuto... tell it to me!
—Kenshiro Kasumi, Chapter 3: Threat of a Murderous Fist

Kenshiro Kasumi (霞 拳志郎 Kasumi Kenshirō) is a lecturer at Towa Women's University in Japan who is actually the 62nd successor of Hokuto Shinken and a member of the gang Qing Bang. After Li Yong-Jian comes to Japan to inform him of atrocities being committed by Hong Hua Hui, he returns to Shanghai where he is known as Yan-Wang, the King of Death.


Kenshiro Kasumi is a man of above-average height with a heavily muscular build. The has long, messy, spikey dark hair and very thick eyebrows. He has a birthmark of the Big Dipper on his forehead which is usually obscured by his forehead. He is frequently depicted as having a cigarette in his mouth.

He usually wears a suit with a tie, pants, and dress shoes. When lecturing at Towa Women's University he wears a small pair of glasses with circular lenses that obscure his eyes and usually covers his mouth with a small book. When he goes to Shanghai he eventually changes into an indigo yukata with extravagant gold designs of a dragon on it that is unfastened at the top revealing his abs.


Unlike his nephew, Kasumi is a very witty, comical, and easy going man. Despite his strength, he is shown to be laid back in most serious situations, not taking many things too seriously unless the situations needs it. He has a habit of assaulting anyone who disagrees with and insults him or Hokuto Shinken and called his friends "Peng-You", which is Chinese for "friend"


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Hokuto Shinken[edit]

Main article: Hokuto Shinken

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Personal Skills[edit]

  • Sense of smell: Kasumi is shown to have an incredible sense of smell, being able to detect differences in people's perspiration or detect poision and other scents that would be undetecable to normal people.
  • Intelligence: He is shown to have an almost photgraphic memory and is fluent in Chinese, Japanese, German, and Hebrew.


Love Interest[edit]




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