Kenshiro's Group

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Kenshiro's Group
Ken's Group.png
Japanese Name ケンシロウのグループ
Romaji Name Kenshiro no Gurupu
Leader(s) Kenshiro
Manga Debut Chapter 2
Anime Debut Episode 2
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Kenshiro's Group (ケンシロウのグループ Kenshiro no Gurupu) is the name of the group lead by Kenshiro consisting of his allies. Initially a duo between Ken and Bat, the group gains and looses many members during the course of their journey as they take on the many adversaries of the post-apocalyptic world.


Ken's group formed when Bat followed him after his defeat of Zeed at Rin's village. Bat appointed himself as Ken's "manager" as they took on the KING Organization. After Shin's defeat, Ken and Bat receive food from a bartender named Johnny who informs them of the Golan. As Ken takes on the Golan, they reunite with Rin.

Back at Johnny's bar a child named Taki with relations to Bat takes them to a village ran by an elderly woman named Toyo. Jackal and his gang attacks Toyo's village while Kenshiro is gone. After Toyo's death the bartender reluctantly agrees to watch over the orphans.

After defeating Jackal and the Devil Reborn, Bat and Rin find a village that will take them in lead by Mamiya with the village's elder and her younger brother Ko. Rei also joins the group where they resuce his sister Airi. After taking on a few more enemies Toki is freed from the confines of Cassandra where they are assisted by Raiga and Fuga.

Later Ken encounters Shu, a man who saved him in the past, and his son Shiba, where they take on Souther together. During the final encounters with Raoh, Yuria under the title of the Last Nanto General alongside the Nanto Goshasei members Huey, Shuren, Fudo, Rihaku, and Juza aid the group alongside Rihaku's daughter Tou. Juza also succesfully takes Kokuoh away from Raoh, eventually Kokuoh is inherited by Kenshiro from Raoh.



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