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Kaioh Infobox.png
Japanese Name カイオウ
Romaji Name Kaiō
Alias Demon Kaioh
Creator of the New Century
Gender Male
Martial Art Hokuto Ryuken
Height 212 cm (6 ft 10 in)
Weight 146 kg (322 lbs)
Residence Land of Shura
Position First General of Shura
Family Ryuo (ancestor)
Unnamed Mother
Raoh (younger brother)
Toki (younger brother)
Sayaka (younger sister)
Ryu (nephew)
Affiliation Generals of Shura
Manga Debut Chapter 180
Anime Debut Episode 133
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Cremated alive by lava
Voice Actor(s) Kenji Utsumi
Masaaki Okura (young)
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The last one alive will be... evil!!!
—Kaioh, Chapter 196: The Brute Beast of Evil!!

Kaioh (カイオウ Kaiō), also known as Demon Kaioh (魔神カイオウ Majin Kaiō), is the first General of Shura and the biological older brother of Raoh and Toki. He reins supreme in the Land of Shura as the Creator of the New Century, and ridicules foolish emotions such as "love" and "compassion".


Kaioh is a very tall man with a heavily muscular build. He has very short, spikey, light hair with a bang that comes down at the center of his forehead and narrow eyes. He has an almost identical appearance to that of his younger brother Raoh, but with a "ʎ"-shaped scar all across his face.

He wears dark-colored armor, complete with a three-horned helmet that covers all of his face except for his eyes and mouth, with tusk-like formations around his mouth and a long cape. The body of the armor has large bejeweled dual-layer shoulder pads with curvy designs on them and sleeves and gloves that completely cover his arms and hands. Around his waist is a belt with a groin guard and giant metal boots.

Underneath the armor, Kaioh is shown to have a body covered in scars from battle.


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Hokuto Ryuken[edit]

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Character Rating[edit]

Kaioh's rating taken from the Fist of the North Star Ultimate Handbook:

AAA Tier
Image Power Speed Skills Looks Charisma Total
Kaioh Av.png 5 4 5 3 5 22


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