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Johnny Infobox.png
Japanese Name ジョニー
Romaji Name Jonī
Gender Male
Residence Oasis
Occupation Bartender
Manga Debut Chapter 11
Anime Debut Episode 6
Status Alive
Voice Actor(s) Ikuya Sawaki
Dub Voice Actor(s) David Ellenstein (Episode 6)
Jeff Nimoy (Episodes 7-8)

You know as well as I do, stolen or not, food is food.
—Johnny, Chapter 11: Encounter at the Oasis

Johnny (ジョニー Jonī) is a bartender in the city of Oasis who informs Kenshiro about the Golan. He gives Ken and Bat two days' worth of food for defeating Buro who was causing a ruckus in the area. After Toyo's death, he reluctantly agrees to take care of her orphans.


Johnny is a taller man with a rather skinny build. He has short dark hair, a rounder face, and curled eyebrows. He wears a bartending uniform consisting of a button-up jacket and an apron from the waist down when working.


Johnny is a somewhat generous man, agreeing to give Bat and Ken food if they defeat Buro and take in Toyo's orphans, though not without reluctancy from him. He also appears to be a good business man, attempting to always formulate deals that may be in his favor.


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