Holy Emperor Cross Mausoleum

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Holy Emperor Cross Mausoleum
Holy Pyramid.png
Japanese Name 聖帝十字陵
Romaji Name Seitei Jūji Ryō
Alternate Name(s) Pyramid
Manga Debut Chapter 83
Anime Debut Episode 58

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The Holy Emperor Cross Mausoleum (聖帝十字陵 Seitei Jūji Ryō) is a grand tomb constucted by children enslaved by Souther to be the final resting place of his master Ohgai. The Resistance would go on to try and stop the construction of the pyramid by emanipating the enslaved children working on it.


The Holy Cross Mausoleum is a four-sided pyramid that gets exponentially steeper toward its apex. It serves as the final resting place of Souther's adoptive father and master Ohgai, as well as his own once he passed away, constructed with the labor of children his army kidnapped. Inside the pyramid was a dungeon where Kenshiro was temporarily held prisoner until being saved by Shiba. Souther says he planned to have the other Hokuto brothers, Toki and Raoh, imprisoned there too.

At the face of the pyramid is a staircase that goes up to its apex where a shallow dip with shackles at the top where Shu was made to take the capstone. There is also a mechanism inside the pyramid that can display Ohgai's corpse sitting in an upright position.


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