Fist of the North Star (Saturn/PlayStation)

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Fist of the North Star
Saturn Game Boxart.png
Japanese Name 北斗の拳
Romaji Name Hokuto no Ken
Publishers Banpresto
Developer Banpresto
Platforms(s) Sega Saturn
Genre(s) Adventure
Release Date December 22, 1995 (Saturn)
August 30, 1996 (PS)

Fist of the North Star (北斗の拳 Hokuto no Ken) is an adventure game for the Sega Saturn and PlayStation developed and published by Banpresto based on the Fist of the North Star series. It takes place in an alternate timeline following the events of the original story, with several deceased characters still alive with slightly different names.


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Plot Summary[edit]

The game takes place in an alternate timeline set after the events of Raoh's death. Kenshiro goes on a journey to rescue the abducted Celestial Empresses Lui and Rin from the clutches of the masters of Hokuto Mumyoken, a branch of Hokuto Shinken.


Renamed Characters[edit]

Game Orginal Characters[edit]


Box Art[edit]


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