Hokuto Shinken

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Hokuto Shinken
Japanese Name 北斗神拳
Romaji Name Hokuto Shinken
Manga Debut Chapter 1
Anime Debut Episode 1
Notable User(s) Ryuken, Kenshiro, Raoh
This article is about the martial art, for other uses see Hokuto (Disambiguation)
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Hokuto Shinken (北斗神拳, lit. "Divine Fist of the North Star") is a sacred, ancient Chinese martial art dating back to over 1,800 ago. It excels as an assassination technique that utilizes the Meridian system's pressure points to cause its victims to violently explode. Due to its destructive nature, it is allowed to have only one successor every generation.


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Hokuto Ujoken[edit]

Hokuto Ujoken (北斗有情拳, lit. "North Star Humane Fist") is Toki's self-made Hokuto Shinken art which is adept at combat as well as healing. It causes its victims to feel eerily good while they die, and according to Kenshiro it is what made him a better fit to be the successor of Hokuto Shinken before his illness.

Hokuto Ryuken[edit]

Main article: Hokuto Ryuken

Hokuto Ryuken is a branch of Hokuto Shinken used in the Land of Shura, notably by its generals. It is known for potentially causing its practitioners to corrupt and turn insane and evil and its supernatural aspects can be seen as borderline sorcery.

Hokumon no Ken[edit]

Hokumon no Ken (北門の拳, lit. "Fist of the North Gate") is a branch of Hokuto Shinken created by a former student who failed to become a successor 400 years ago. It is used by Seiji and the Clifflanders, who use it to maintain their reclusive lifestyle in the mountains.

Hokuto Sankaken[edit]

Main article: Hokuto Sankaken

The Hokuto Sankaken (北斗三家拳, lit. "Three Families Fist of the North Star") is a group of Hokuto that was divided amongst the three clans of Liu, Sun, and Cao into Hokuto Ryukaken, Hokuto Sonkaken, and Hokuto Sokaken respecitvely during the Three Kingdoms period in China.


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