Hokuto Sankaken

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Hokuto Sankaken
Hokuto Sankaken.png
Japanese Name 北斗三家拳
Romaji Name Hokuto Sankaken
Manga Debut Chapter 26 (Fist of the Blue Sky)
Anime Debut Episode 9 (Fist of the Blue Sky)
Notable User(s) Charles de Guise,
Zhang Tai-Yan

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The Hokuto Sankaken (北斗三家拳, lit. "Three Families Fist of the North Star") are branches of the Hokuto Shinken martial art that were divided amongst the three clans of Liu, Sun, and Cao into Hokuto Ryukaken, Hokuto Sonkaken, and Hokuto Sokaken respecitvely during the Three Kingdoms period in China.


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Hokuto Ryukaken[edit]

Main article: Hokuto Ryuken

Hokuto Ryukaken (北斗劉家拳, lit. "Liu Family Fist of the North Star") is used by Liu Zong-Wu and would eventually become known as Hokuto Ryuken in the Land of Shura, used by its generals.

Hokuto Sonkaken[edit]

Hokuto Sonkaken (北斗孫家拳, lit. "Sun Family Fist of the North Star") is the branch used by Charles de Guise and Mang Kuang-Yun that specializes in ki manipulation. As demonstrated by Guise, it can be used in conjunction with weapons like swords and guns.

Hokuto Sokaken[edit]

Hokuto Sokaken (北斗曹家拳, lit. "Cao Family Fist of the North Star") is used by Zhang Tai-Yan and his posse the Wuchamen-Dang, who help him become the ultimate sucessor and eliminate the Qing Bang.


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