Hokuto Ryuken

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Hokuto Ryuken
Hokuto Ryuken.png
Japanese Name 北斗琉拳
Romaji Name Hokuto Ryuken
Manga Debut Chapter 166
Anime Debut Episode 125
Notable User(s) Shachi, Han, Hyoh, Kaioh

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Hokuto Ryuken (北斗琉拳, lit. "Lapis Lazuli Fist of the North Star"), formerly known as Hokuto Ryukaken (北斗劉家拳, lit. "Liu Family Fist of the North Star"), is a powerful branch of Hokuto Shinken used in the Land of Shura, most notably by its generals. It is widely known as an evil martial art, havning the potential to cause its users to become corrupt and uses ki manipulation to perform sorcery-like attacks.


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