Hokuto Gaiden

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Hokuto Gaiden
Japanese Name 北斗外伝
Romaji Name Hokuto Gaiden
Author Various
Publisher Shogakukan
Tokuma Shoten
Demographic Seinen
Magazine Big Comic Superior
Weekly Comic Bunch
Monthly Comic Zenon
Year(s) Released March 10, 2006 - present

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Hokuto Gaiden (北斗外伝 Hokuto Gaiden) is a series of side-story spin-off works by various authors based on the Fist of the North Star manga by Buronson and Tetsuo Hara. Each story is set during some point in the Fist of the North Star continuity and features various supporting characters.


Raoh Gaiden[edit]

Raoh Gaiden: Tyrant of the Heavens (天の覇王 ラオウ外伝 Ten no Haō: Raō Gaiden), written by Youkow Osada and published in Weekly Comic Bunch from March to August, 2007. It tells the story of how Raoh rose to power and renamed himself Kenoh. He seeks to use his strength the reshape the post-apocalyptic world alongside his childhood friends Reina and Souga from the Legends of the True Savior movies.

It received a 13-episode long anime adaptation that aired on Tokyo MX from October to December 2008.

Yuria Gaiden[edit]

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Rei Gaiden[edit]

Bloody Wolf's Darkness Blue: Rei Gaiden (蒼黒の餓狼 -レイ外伝- Sōkoku no Garō: Rei Gaiden), written by Yasuyuki Nekoi, published in Weekly Comic Bunch from May 2007 to July 2009, and compiled into six volumes. It details Rei as he returns home from his village after the Nuclear War. Rei's father tells him of a man with seven scars on his chest that attacks them and kidnaps Airi. Rei sets out to to resuce Airi and is aided and attacked by various Nanto Seiken users.

A pair of one-shots titled The Splendid Avenger (華麗なる復讐者 Kareinaru Fukushūsha) written by the same author were created before Rei Gaiden. Neither of them were republished in the compiled volumes.

Toki Gaiden[edit]

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Jagi Gaiden[edit]

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Juza Gaiden[edit]

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The Gold Wings of Garuda[edit]

The Gold Wings of Garuda: The Pre-history of the Nanto Goshasei (金翼のガルダ〜南斗五車星前史〜 Kinyoku no Garuda: Nanto Goshasei Zenshi), written by Yoshiji Yamaguchi and published in Comic Zenon in 2013. It details the origins of the Nanto Goshasei and features a new character named Garuda, the sucessor of Nanto Shinchoken, who wishes to upsurp the Last Nanto General.

Genius Amiba's Other World Overlord Legend[edit]

Genius Amiba's Other World Overlord Legend - Even If I Go to Another World, I Am a Genius!! Huh? Was I Mistaken... (北斗の拳外伝 天才アミバの異世界覇王伝説 異世界に行ってもおれは天才だ!! ん!? まちがったかな… Taisen Amiba no Isekai Haо̄ Densetsu - Isekai ni Itte mo Ore wa Tensai da!! N? Machigatta ka na...), written by Sokura Nishiki and Nattо Gohan and published in Monthly Comic Zenon in 2021. It features Amiba who, after being killed by Kenshiro, is sent to another world were he must learn to use magic.


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