Hokuto Clan Main Lineage

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Hokuto Clan Main Lineage
Japanese Name 北斗宗家
Romaji Name Hokuto Sōke
Manga Debut Chapter 207
Anime Debut Episode 150

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The Hokuto Clan Main Lineage (北斗宗家 Hokuto Sōke) are a clan of Chinese Buddhists from the Han dynasty that served the Celestial Emperor founded by Shuken, who also created Hokuto Shinken, consisting of his and Ryuo's descendants. Multiple notable posterity such as Kenshiro and Kenshiro Kasumi have Big Dipper shaped birthmarks on their foreheads.


A Hokuto Shinken student with the Big Dipper birthmark

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Shuken's Descendants[edit]

Ryuo's Descendants[edit]

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