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Goran Infobox.png
Japanese Name ゴラン
Romaji Name Goran
Gender Male
Martial Art Boxing
Muay Thai
Nationality French
Occupation Professional boxer
Manga Debut Chapter 14 (Fist of the Blue Sky)
Anime Debut Episode 5 (Fist of the Blue Sky)
Status Left unable to fight by Kenshiro Kasumi
Voice Actor(s) Yoshinori Sonobe
Not to be confused with the Golan

Ha, ha! There's no one stronger than me in Shanghai!
—Goran, Chapter 15: A Stunning Show!!

Goran (ゴラン Goran) is a professional boxer brought to Shanghai by Jean Carné who beats members of the Qing Bang to death after they are captured by the Hong Hua Hui. He was set up to fight Kenshiro Kasumi in a boxing ring, who had disgused himself as Ye.


Goran is a tall man with a heavily muscular build. He possesses very dark skin and has a round face with big nose as well as short, bumpy dark hair. His mouth is full of sharp gold teeth and dark veins of sorts across his forehead.

He is introduced wearing a suit, but changes into more typical boxing attire consisting of elastic shorts, boots, and large boxing gloves.


Goran is a arrogant and cruel man with a rather simple one-track mind, although he does have some intellect as he was able to indentify Kasumi when he was disgusied as Ye. He shows little to no mercy when beating or killing his opponents, regardless of their capability to fight. He has a tendency to mock his opponents by allowing them to hit him in a pitiful way, which makes them look weak.


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Goran uses a comination of boxing and the kickboxing style Muay Thai to fight. He is strong enough to send a man like Kenshiro Kasumi flying with a single punch, and display a great level of durability as he is able to take heavy punches to the face and be burned with little damage to himself.


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