Giant Hag

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Giant Hag
GiantHag Infobox.png
Japanese Name でかいババア
Romaji Name Dekai Babā
Gender Female (disguise)
Affiliation Kenoh's Army
Manga Debut Chapter 64
Anime Debut Episode 46
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Killed by Kenshiro
Voice Actor(s) Issei Futamata

The Giant Hag (でかいババア Dekai Babā) is a member of Kenoh's Army who disguses himself as a harmless old lady to try and take out Kenshiro, Mamiya, and Toki by poisoning them. He is quickly disposed of by Kenshiro who saw through the hag's facade.


The Giant Hag is disgued as a elderly woman of a very tall build. They have hair in a bun, and a wrinkly face with small glasses and a protruding chin.

They wear a dress with the collar down and an overall-like apron over it and generic shoes.


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  • Swords: The Giant Hag pulls out a pair of swords to attack Kenshiro, but is defeated before getting the chance to actually use them.


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