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Galf Infobox.png
Japanese Name ガルフ
Romaji Name Garufu
Alias Dog Master Galf
Gender Male
Residence Medicine City
Position Dictator of Medicine City
Family Seki (pet dog)
Manga Debut Chapter 73
Anime Debut Episode 50
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Killed by Kenshiro via Hokuto Shinken
Voice Actor(s) Tessho Genda

A child's life and a dog's life... The dog's is much more precious!
—Galf, Chapter 73: Savage! Dog Master!!

Galf (ガルフ Garufu), also known as Dog Master Galf (狗法眼ガルフ Kuhōgan Garufu), is a dog-obsessed dictator who takes over Medicine City after Kenoh's Army abandoned it. He tortures and executes anyone who dares to hurt his dogs like Mamiya does when she goes to try and find medicine to help Rei.


Galf is a big man with a fat build. He has messy, curly sideburns and no hair on the top of his head. He possesses an elongated, pointy nose, and somewhat pointy teeth.

He wears metallic armor with shoulder pads and suspenders with spikes on them that connect to a dog collar that also has spikes on it. He wears baggy pants with a leopard print loincloth over them and boots


Galf is a sadistic man who only cared about his dogs. He will reply extremely negatively to anyone harming, killing, or even intimidating his dog, to which he will torture and execute them for it. The people of Medicine City even describe him as worse than Kenoh.


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Thorned Rings: Galf possess dog collar-like rings covered in thorns on both sides. He forces a man to throw them at Mamiya to torture her.



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