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Fuga Infobox.png
Japanese Name Fūga
Romaji Name フウガ
Gender Male
Martial Art Nishin Furaiken
Position Guardian of Cassandra
Family Raiga (twin brother)
Mitsu (younger brother)
Affiliation Kenoh's Army (formerly)
Manga Debut Chapter 54
Anime Debut Episode 39
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Tortured by Zarqa and Qasim
Voice Actor(s) Ikuya Sawaki

I am Fuga! You cannot pass!
—Raiga, Chapter 54: Open the Gate of Death!!

Fuga (フウガ Fūga) is one of the guardians of Cassandra alongside Raiga. They are being blackmailed into serving Kenoh by Uyghur who has their younger brother Mitsu held hostage. They fight Kenshiro, but swear their loyalty to him after he spares their lives because he can sense their sadness.


Fuga is a very tall man with a heavily mucular build. He has tanned skin and wears a metallic helmet that covers his hair if he has any. He has an appearance almost identical to that of his twin brother Raiga.

He is always depicted as shirtless, only wearing shorts with a belt and groin gaurd as well as shoes with bandages on his ankles.


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Nishin Furaiken[edit]

Nishin Furaiken (二神風雷拳, lit. "Fists of Wind and Thunder") is the martial art Fuga uses alongside Raiga, which can only be succeeded by users of the same blood, physic and mind. Its attacks involve razor-sharp wires connceted by the user's hands which are used to slice opponents.


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