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Fudo Infobox.png
Japanese Name フドウ
Romaji Name Fudō
Alias Beast Fudo
Fudo of the Mountain
Gender Male
Martial Art Gosha Sangazan
Height 225 cm (7 ft 5 in)
Weight 270 kg (595 lbs)
Sizes 240-200-230 BWH
Family Tanji (adoptive son)
Jiro (adoptive son)
Kan (adoptive son)
Affiliation Nanto Goshasei
Manga Debut Chapter 110
Anime Debut Episode 87
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Shot by Kenoh's Army
Voice Actor(s) Shozo Iizuka
This character's name is sometimes translated as "Fudoh"
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Fudo (フドウ Fudō), also known as Fudo of the Mountain (山のフドウ Yama no Fudō), and formerly known as Beast Fudo (悪鬼のフドウ Akki no Fudō), is a member of the Nanto Goshasei. Once a notorious menace because he saw no value in life, Fudo grew to become a strong and generous man after an encounter with Yuria. Eventually, Raoh challenges him to a duel to try and overcome his past fear.


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Beast Fudo[edit]

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Gosha Sangazan[edit]

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Character Rating[edit]

Fudo's rating taken from the Fist of the North Star Ultimate Handbook:

Tier A
Image Power Speed Skills Looks Charisma Total
Fudo Av.png 5 2 3 2 4 16


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