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Fist of the North Star 2
Anime 2.png
Japanese Name 北斗の拳2
Romaji Name Hokuto no Ken 2
Director Toyoo Ashida
Producer Yoshio Takami
Writer Hiroshi Toda
Music Nozomi Aoki
Studio Toei Animation
Year(s) Aired March 13, 1987 –
February 18, 1988
Episodes 43

Fist of the North Star 2 (北斗の拳2 Hokuto no Ken 2) is a sequel to the original anime made by Toei Animation that began airing in 1987 until 1988.


Fist of the North Star 2 aired weekly, taking over Fist of the North Star's time slot on Fuji TV for 43 episodes. It covers the chapters the in manga from 140 up to Chapter 210, the remaining 35 chapters of the manga were not adapted.

Plot Summary[edit]

Years after Raoh's defeat, Kenshiro has gone missing. Bat and Rin formed the Hokuto Army along with Rihaku to protect the people in his absence. Eventually Ken, Bat and Rin are all reunited and they take on the corrupt Imperial Capital lead by Jakoh who claims to be the viceroy of the Celestial Emperor. After various dangerous battles they are joined by Ein and Falco and resuce the real Celestial Emperor, Lui, who is actually an empress and Rin's long lost sister.

Rin gets abducted by the remnants of the fake Celestial Emperor's army and taken to the Land of Shura, where Ken and Falco go to try and save her. They are joined by Akashachi and his son Shachi as they take on the three ruling castes Han, Hyoh and Kaioh.

Main Cast[edit]

Note: For character's voice actors not on this list, check the individual character pages.
Character Japanese voice actor
Kenshiro Akira Kamiya
Bat Keiichi Nanba
Rin Miina Tominaga
Ein Ken Yamaguchi
Falco Hideyuki Tanaka
Jakoh Shigeru Chiba
Lui Yoshino Takamori
Shachi Hirotaka Suzuoki
Han Koji Totani
Hyoh Shinji Ogawa
Kaioh Kenji Utsumi


The anime features only one opening and ending: TOUGH BOY and LOVE SONG by TOM★CAT. Compilation albums compiling these songs alongside several insert songs from the anime have been released such as Fist of the North Star: ORIGINAL SONGS and PREMIUM BEST.


Part 5[edit]

No. Titles Original air date
110 The Past is Gone. The Dawn of the New Age...!! March 12, 1987
111 When Will He Awaken...?! March 19, 1987
112 The Savior Comes from the North!! March 26, 1987
113 The Mysterious Bounty Hunter Ein! Kenshiro's Head is Mine!! April 2, 1987
114 Another Art of Assassination! Gento Koken is the Name!! April 9, 1987
115 Rage of the Celestial Emperor! Falco, Obliterate the North Star from Earth!! April 23, 1987
116 The Wrath of the South Star! The Illustrious Harn Brothers!! May 7, 1987
117 Ein in Danger! Hands of Evil Reach for His Love!! May 14, 1987
118 Falco, the Brave General of the Source Star! There Lies the Shadow of Raoh... May 28, 1987
119 The Emperor's Cries Echoes Through the Imperial Capital! Falco, Where Have You Gone... June 4, 1987
120 The Celestial Emperor is Finally Revealed June 11, 1987
121 An Elegy for Ein! Better to Die Bravely than Live Without Honor!! June 25, 1987
122 The Fall of the Imperial Capital! Jakoh, You Can Dream in Hell!! July 9, 1987

Part 6[edit]

No. Titles Original air date
123 The Ordeal Never Ends! Kenshiro Crosses the Ocean!! July 16, 1987
124 What Awaits on the Continent of Darkness! There Lies the Legendary Land of Shura!! July 23, 1987
125 Good or Evil? The Mysterious Hokuto Ryuken Fist Appears!! July 30, 1987
126 Love Is Preached in the Century's End! Her Name Is Leia!! August 13, 1987
127 General Han! The Man Who Stains White Snow into Crimson!! August 20, 1987
128 The Legend of the Savior of Shura! His Name is Raoh!! August 27, 1987
129 Kenshiro's Secret is Revealed! The Land of Shura is His Motherland!! September 3, 1987
130 A Cruel Prophecy! Kenshiro, You Cannot Be the Savior!! September 10, 1987
131 Rock the Hero on Horseback! I Don't Believe in Kenshiro!! September 17, 1987
132 Men Beyond Reasons! The Band of Seven Attacks Kenshiro!! September 24, 1987
133 Rock's Message of Death! Kenshiro Hang on to Your Friend's Life!! October 1, 1987
134 Announcing the Creator of the New Century! My Name Is Demon Kaioh!! October 8, 1987
135 The Seal of the Devil! The 2,000 Year Tragedy of the Hokuto Soke is Revealed!! October 15, 1987
136 Little Brother Ken in Danger! Hyoh Open up Your Kind Soul!! October 22, 1987
137 Kenshiro on the Execution Stand! The Heavens Unleash the God of the Sea!! October 29, 1987
138 Kaioh's Declaration of Victory! The Phantom of the North Star Attacks!! November 5, 1987
139 A Destined Encounter of Hyoh and Ken! Both Are Yet to Know Their Secrets!! November 12, 1987
140 Kaioh's Evil Decision! Cold Blood Runs Through My Body!! November 19, 1987
141 Kenshiro's Challenge! Never Be Defeated Twice!! November 26, 1987
142 The Tyrant Hyoh and His Sorrowful Aide! Who Will Stop Him Now!! December 3, 1987
143 The Battle of the Blood Brothers! Tears Will Never Return to Hyoh!! December 10, 1987
144 The North Star on the Brink of Death! Kaioh Reaches Out for the Celestial Empress!! December 17, 1987
145 Tearful Reunion of the Brothers! Kenshiro, I've Been Waiting for You!! December 24, 1987
146 Shachi's Battle for Love! Kaioh Will Ridicule with Laughter!! January 7, 1988
147 The Fall of Warrior of Love Shachi! Love Is Everything, My Friends!! January 14, 1988
148 Tragic Victim of Love! Kaioh's Foundation of Evil!! January 21, 1988
149 Kaioh's Disgraceful Past! The Heavens Recreate Rin's Destiny!! January 28, 1988
150 The Final Chapter: Three Episodes Remaining! Here Is the 2,000 Year-Old History of the Hokuto Soke!! February 4, 1988
151 Prologue to the Final Episode! A Third Man Appears to Determine Rin's Fate!! February 11, 1988
152 The Final Episode: Farewell, Kenshiro! Farewell, Hokuto Shinken!! February 18, 1988

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