Fist of the North Star (live-action film)

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Fist of the North Star
Director Tony Randel
Producer Mark Yellen
Akihiro Komine
Writer Peter Atkins
Music Christopher L. Stone
Studio First Look Studios
Year(s) Aired JP: April 21, 1995
NA: February 2, 1996

Fist of the North Star is a 1995 live action film based on the Fist of the North Star manga directed by Tony Randel, who co-wrote it with Peter Atkins. The movie was released direct-to-DVD in both Japan and North America.

Plot Summary[edit]

This section requires expansion.


Character Live action actor Japanese dub voice actor
Kenshiro Gary Daniels Akira Kamiya
Yuria Isako Washio as Julia N/A
Shin Costas Mandylor Toshio Furukawa
Jagi Chris Penn as Jackal N/A
Asher Melvin Van Peebles N/A
Charlie Downtown Julie Brown N/A
Bat Dante Basco Teiyu Ichiryusai
Paul McCarthy Tracey Walter N/A
Stalin Clint Howard N/A
Heart Big Van Vader as Goliath N/A
Stone Paulo Tocha N/A
Ryuken Malcolm McDowell Junji Chiba
Rin Nalona Herron as Lynn Tomiko Suzuki
Sandman Andre Rosey Brown N/A
Miner Rowena Guinness N/A
Jill McCarthy Bill Nagel N/A
Neuter Michael Charles Friedman N/A
Zeed Nils Allen Stewart N/A
Kemp Tony Halme N/A
Neville George Cheung N/A
Oswald Chris DeRose N/A
Novack Darryl Chan N/A
Miner Marisa Coughlan N/A
Mother Kate Geer N/A
Man At Palace David "Shark" Fralick N/A
AWOL Crossman 1
AWOL Crossman 2
Paul Barresi
David Loo
Old Woman Susan French N/A


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