Fist of the North Star (anime)

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Fist of the North Star
Japanese Name 北斗の拳
Romaji Name Hokuto no Ken
Director Toyoo Ashida
Producer Yoshio Takami
Writer Hiroshi Toda
Music Nozomi Aoki
Studio Toei Animation
Year(s) Aired October 11, 1984 –
March 5, 1987
Episodes 109

Fist of the North Star (北斗の拳 Hokuto no Ken) is an anime adaptation of the Fist of the North Star manga made and produced by Toei Animation that aired from 1984 to 1987. A sequel titled Fist of the North Star 2 aired from 1987 to 1988.

The anime is divided into six parts, or "seasons", and covers a total of 152 episodes that aired weekly on Fuji TV.


Fist of the North Star was a weekly anime series that aired on Fuji TV for 109 episodes that adapts the first 139 chapter of the original manga. It was given the subtitle "The Legend of the Savior of Century's End" following episode 22 to differentiate it from its source material.

The anime featured noticeably censored violence and gore compared to the manga due to Japanese television laws at the time, and often resoted to recoloring the entire scene or distorting the screen with desaturation. The adaptation also contains a great deal of filler to prevent it from getting ahead of the manga.

Plot Summary[edit]

After a worldwide nucelar war in the 90s Kenshiro, the 64th successor of Hokuto Shinken, is searching for his lost fiancée Yuria who was taken from him by a man named Shin. He jorunies with two orphans Bat and Rin and takes on Shin's forces and eventually Shin himself but makes no progress in his search for Yuria. He encounters and allies himself with many other marital artists like Mamiya, Rei and his adoptive brother Toki, as they take on many adversaries of the post-apocalytic world including Ken's other adoptive brothers Jagi and Raoh, and Raoh's Army.

Main Cast[edit]

Note: For character's voice actors not on this list, check the individual character pages.
Character Japanese voice actor English dub actor
Kenshiro Akira Kamiya Lex Lang
Yuria Yuriko Yamamoto Mary Elizabeth McGlynn
Bat Mie Suzuki Gary Dubin
Rin Tomiko Suzuki Sandy Fox
Shin Toshio Furukawa Steve Blum
Mamiya Toshiko Fujita Mary Elizabeth McGlynn
Rei Kaneto Shiozawa Daran Norris
Jagi Chikao Otsuka Peter Lurie
Toki Takaya Hashi Kirk Thornton
Shu Katsuji Mori N/A
Souther Banjo Ginga N/A
Raoh Kenji Utsumi John Snyder


The anime features two openings and endings: Ai wo Torimodose!! and Yuria... Eien ni by Crystal King are used from episodes 1 to 82, and SILENT SURVIVOR and DRY YOUR TEARS by Kodomo Band are used from episodes 83 to 109. Compilation albums compiling these songs alongside several insert songs from the anime have been released such as Fist of the North Star: ORIGINAL SONGS and PREMIUM BEST.


Note: For the episodes of Part 5 and 6 see Fist of the North Star 2

Part 1[edit]

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Part 2[edit]

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Part 3[edit]

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Part 4[edit]

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