Fist of the North Star: End of the Century Savior Legend

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Fist of the North Star: End of the Century Savior Legend
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Japanese Name 北斗の拳 世紀末救世主伝説
Romaji Name Hokuto no Ken: Seikimatsu Kyūseishu Densetsu
Publishers Bandai
Developer Natsume
Platforms(s) PlayStation
Genre(s) 3D Action game
Release Date October 26, 2000

Fist of the North Star: End of the Century Savior Legend (北斗の拳 世紀末救世主伝説 Hokuto no Ken: Seikimatsu Kyūseishu Densetsu) is a 3D action game made by Natsume and published by Bandai for the PlayStation based on the Fist of the North Star series.


Gameplay depicting Ken fighting Zeed

Players control Kenshiro, and sometimes Bat, Rei, or Toki, in 3D battle arenas as they fight enemies and bosses with beat em' up style controls. Usually players will fight againt hords of enemies or bosses, and sometimes they will face of against weaker sub-bosses, or bosses that have normal enemies with them. Defeating enemies can also cause shockwaves that can take out other enemies, doing this can also restore the player's health.

The game has a feature where if the player attacks a red, flashing enemy they are prompted to input a series of buttons. Pressing the buttons will trigger a unique death cry based on the player's timing and also restore their health. During this time, the four face buttons represent a direction the players has to punch: triangle for up, circle for right, X for down, and square for left.


  • Legend of the Savior: The game's main story mode that adapts the story of the manga
  • Century's End Theater: A gallery and edit mode where players can view cutscenes, listen to voice lines, and make your own scenes
  • Battle for Conqueror: A 2-player VS mode where characters can be unlocked and pitted against each other in battles
  • 'Abeshi' Mode: An endurance mode where players try to defeat as many enemies as possible within a time-limit

Plot Summary[edit]

The game faithfully adapts the story of the original manga with minimal changes or alterations to the plot. It covers from the beginning of Kenshiro's journey up to his final fight against Raoh. The game is split up into eight chapters, each with multiple battles:

  • Chapter 1: A Savior Arrives (救世主降臨 Kyūseishu Kōrin), covers the fights against Zeed and KING
  • Chapter 2: The Devil Reborn (悪魔の化身 Akuma no Keshin), covers the fights against the Warriors
  • Chapter 3: The Man of Nanto (南斗の男 Nanto no Otoko), covers the fights against the Fang Clan and Jagi
  • Chapter 4: A Tragic Reunion (悲劇の再会 Higeki no Saikai), covers the fights against Amiba, Raiga and Fuga, Uyghur, and Zarqa and Qasim
  • Chapter 5: The Conqueror of Century's End (世紀末覇者 Seikimatsu Hasha), covers the fights against the Giant Hag, Gallon, Kenoh, Dagar, and Yuda
  • Chapter 6: Holy Emperor Souther (聖帝サウザー Seitei Sauzā), covers the fights against Shu and multiple fights against Souther
  • Chapter 7: The Last Nanto General (南斗最後の将 Nanto Saigo no Shō), covers the fights against Hiruka, and multiple fights against Raoh
  • Chapter 8: Farewell, My Rival! (さらば強敵よ! Saraba Tomo Yo!), covers the final fights against Raoh



  • First print editions of the game came bundled with a postcard which players could send in for a chance to receive a metallic bust of Jagi.
  • Multiple characters have secret alternate outfits which can be used in the Battle for Conqueror mode by holding down the R1 button when selecting them.

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