Fist of the Blue Sky (anime)

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Fist of the Blue Sky
Japanese Name 蒼天の拳
Romaji Name Sōten no Ken
Director Yoshihiro Yamaguchi
Producer Naomi Nishiguchi
Kazuhiko Hidano
Masanobu Watanabe
Writer Yasuhiro Imagawa
Music Marco d'Ambrosio
Studio A.P.P.P.
Year(s) Aired October 4, 2006 –
March 14, 2007
Episodes 26

Fist of the Blue Sky (蒼天の拳 Sōten no Ken) is an anime adaptation of Fist of the Blue Sky made and produced by Studio A.P.P.P. that aired from 2006 to 2007 on TV Asahi. In 2018 it received a sequel in the form of Fist of the Blue Sky: Re:Genesis.


Fist of the Blue Sky was a weekly anime series that aired on TV Asahi for 26 episodes. Only 22 of the 26 episodes aired on television, the remaining ones were released alongside the DVD releases, which were completely uncensored. It does not adapt the entirety of the original manga, and was likely cancelled due to low ratings.

Plot Summary[edit]

Adapting the Fist of the Blue Sky manga, a prequel to the original Fist of the North Star manga, the 62nd successor of Hokuto Shinken, Kenshiro Kasumi is a lecturer at Towa Women's University in Japan. After hearing of his gang, the Qing Bang, being in peril he travels to Shanghai, China to save them. There he takes on the Hong Hua Hui and the three Hokuto families, each one being a master of a different branch of Hokuto Sankaken, all derived from Hokuto Shinken.


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No. Titles Original air date
1 Wanted - the King of Death (賞金首・閻王 Shōkinkubi En'ō) October 4, 2006
2 The Code of Duty (江胡の義気 Kōko no Giki) October 11, 2006
3 The Successor to Hokuto (北斗を継ぐ者 The Successor to Hokuto) October 18, 2006
4 Wish Upon the Blue Sky (蒼天に願え Sōten ni Negae) October 25, 2006
5 In Shanghai (上海に立つ Shanhai ni Tatsu) November 1, 2006
6 The Execution Game (虐殺の処刑遊戯 Gyakusatsu no Shokei Yūgi) November 8, 2006
7 The Battle (激突 Gekitotsu) November 15, 2006
8 Pray to the God of Hell (地獄の神に祈れ Jigoku no Kami ni Inore) November 22, 2006
9 A Destiny Steeped in Blood (血塗られた宿命ゆえに Chi Nurareta Shukumei Yue ni) November 29, 2006
10 Battle of the Hokuto Masters (北斗同士の戦い Hokuto Dōshi no Tatakai) December 6, 2006
11 Ask the Dragon (龍に問え Ryū ni Toe) December 13, 2006
12 Signal of Resurrection (復活の狼煙 Fukkatsu no Noroshi) December 20, 2006
13 At The End of Madness... (狂気の果てに・・・ Kyōki no Tate ni...) January 10, 2006
14 Journey of Fate (運命の旅 Unmei no Tabi) January 17, 2006
15 The Beautiful Horse Bandit (美しき馬賊 Utsukishi Bazoku) January 24, 2006
16 Seeking Refuge (安息の地を求めて Ansoku no Chi o Motomete) DVD
17 Death Sentence! The Fallen Palm (死の宣告!堕天掌 Shi no Senkoku! Datenshō) DVD
18 The Aura of Hokuto Sokaken (北斗曹家拳の闘気 Hokuto Sōkaken no Tōki) DVD
19 An Undaunted Offering of Flowers (毅然たる献花 Kizentaru Kenka) January 31, 2007
20 A Trick of Fate (運命の悪戯 Unmei no Itazura) February 7, 2007
21 A Burning Confrontation (燃えたぎる対峙 Moetagiru Taiji) DVD
22 The Secret Technique of Zhang Tai-Yan (張太炎の奥義 Chō Taien no Ōgi) February 14, 2007
23 The Unforgettable Pain (忘れ得ぬ痛み Wasureinu Itami) February 21, 2007
24 A Deep Strong Memory (深く強き想い Fukaku Tsuyoki Omoi) February 28, 2007
25 A Banquet and a Gunshot (忘れ得ぬ痛み Wasureinu Itami) March 7, 2007
26 To a Better Tomorrow (より良い明日へ Yori Yoi Ashita e) March 14, 2007

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