Fist of the Blue Sky: Re:Genesis (anime)

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Fist of the Blue Sky: Re:Genesis
Re-Genesis Anime.png
Japanese Name 蒼天の拳 RE:GENESIS
Romaji Name Sōten no Ken: Re:Genesis
Director Yoshio Kazumi
Producer Tomonari Kato
Ken Kawakita
Writer Satoshi Ozaki
Music Masatoshi Nishimura
Studio Polygon Pictures
Year(s) Aired April 2, 2018 –
December 17, 2018
Episodes 24

Fist of the Blue Sky: Re:Genesis (蒼天の拳 RE:GENESIS Sōten no Ken: Re:Genesis) is a 2018 anime adaptation of the manga Fist of the Blue Sky: Re:Genesis, a sequel to Fist of the Blue Sky and its anime adaptation, by Polygon Pictures that aired on Tokyo MX.


Re:Genesis was a weekly anime that aired on Tokyo MX for a total of 24 episodes amongst two seasons. It is animated with 3D CGI animation. Despite the name, it is not a direct adapation of the Re:Genesis manga, instead it covers where the previous Fist of the Blue Sky anime left off while incorpating elemets from the eponymous manga.

Plot Summary[edit]

This section requires expansion.


Note: For character's voice actors not on this list, check the individual character pages.
Character Japanese voice actor
Kenshiro Kasumi Koichi Yamadera
Pan Yu-Ling Yumi Toma
Erika Arendt Sumire Uesaka
Liu Fei-Yan Takehito Koyasu
Yasaka Setsuji Sato


The anime features two sets of opening and ending themes: Soutenno Hateni by AK-69 and Inori no Hoshizora by Sumire Uesaka used from episodes 1 to 12 and Soul Seeker by Crossfaith and Kono Sora wo Subete Kimi ni by Hiroya Ozaki used from epiodes 13 to 24.


Season 1[edit]

No. Titles Original air date
1 Successor to Hokuto Shinken: Kenshiro Kasumi (北斗神拳伝承者 霞拳志郎 Hokuto Shinken Denshōsha: Kasumi Kenshirō) April 2, 2018
2 Unattainable Desires (届かぬ願い Todokanu Negai) April 9, 2018
3 Bloodstained Death Bird Demon (血を纏う死鳥鬼 Chi o Matou Shichōki) April 16, 2018
4 Origin of Hokuto Shinken (北斗神拳の源流 Hokuto Shinken no Genryū) April 23, 2018
5 Grudge of the Hungry Wolf (餓狼の怨念 Garō no On'nen) April 30, 2018
6 Departing Swallow (旅立つ燕 Tabidatsu Tsubame) May 7, 2018
7 Two-Thousand Year Love (二千年の 愛 Ni sen-nen no Ai) May 14, 2018
8 Battle of Destiny (宿命の死合い Shukumei no Shiai) May 21, 2018
9 Forgiver (赦す者 Yurusu Mono) May 28, 2018
10 The Young Successor (若き伝承者 Wakaki Denshō-sha) June 4, 2018
11 Tento Seiinken (天斗聖陰拳 Sorato Seiinken) June 11, 2018
12 Fists of Peng-You (朋友を想う拳 Hōyū o Omou Ken) June 18, 2018

Season 2[edit]

No. Titles Original air date
13 God's Chosen People (神に選ばれし民 Kami ni Eraba Reshi Min) October 1, 2018
14 Admiration for a Brother (義兄への憧れ Gikei e no Akogare) October 8, 2018
15 The Prophecy That Came True (現実になった予言 Genjitsu ni Natta Yogen) October 15, 2018
16 Migadol's Thunderbolts (交わらぬ想い Migadoru no Kaminari) October 22, 2018
17 Thoughts That Never Cross (交わらぬ想い Majiwaranu Omoi) October 29, 2018
18 The Setting Sun of the Nahash People (ナハシュの落日 Nahashu no Rakujitsu) November 5, 2018
19 Men Who Scatter and Die (散り逝く漢 Chiri Iku Kan) November 12, 2018
20 The Path of Kasumi Kenshin (霞拳心の道 Kasumi Kenshin Kokoro no Michi) November 19, 2018
21 Destined to Die Together (死合う運命 Shi au Unmei) November 26, 2018
22 Life of the Successor (受け継ぐ生き様 Uketsugu Ikizama) December 3, 2018
23 Erika Arendt, the Lone Girl (ひとりの少女エリカ. アレント Hitori no shōjo Erika. Arento) December 10, 2018
24 The Man Named Kasumi Kenshiro (霞拳志郎と云う漢 Kasumi Kenshirō to iu Kan) December 17, 2018




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