Fighting Mania: Fist of the North Star

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Fighting Mania: Fist of the North Star
Japanese Name パンチマニア 北斗の拳
Romaji Name Panchi Mania Hokuto no Ken
Alternate Name(s) Punch Mania: Fist of the North Star
Publishers Konami
Developer Konami
Platforms(s) Arcade (System 573)
Release Date March 2000
December 2000

Fighting Mania: Fist of the North Star (パンチマニア 北斗の拳 Panchi Mania Hokuto no Ken) is a boxing arcade game made by Konami based on the Fist of the North Star series.


Fighting Mania: Fist of the North Star's gameplay involves standing in front of the arcade cabinet where enemies will appear on the screen. When prompted, a punching pad from the cabinent will extend and light up. Punching the pad is how players will attack, dodge, and perform other actions. Note that it is recommended to punch the pads lightly, as the strength of the punch does not matter. As attacks are landeed or dodged, a 'tech' meter in the shape of the Big Dipper will fill, once full a special move will be automatically activated. Failing to dodge attacks will result in recieving damage depleting the life bar, once the player's life bar is depleted they are defeated.



Course Difficulty Player Opponents
"Basics of Hokuto Shinken" Practice Kenshiro Ryuken, Zeed
"Southern Cross" Easy Kenshiro Zeed, Heart, Shin
"Nanto Rokuseiken" Medium Kenshiro Fang Clan Chieftain, Rei, Shu, Souther
"Kenoh, Conqueror of the Century" Medium Kenshiro Colonel, Devil Reborn, Uyghur, Kenoh
"Nanto Rokuseiken, Star of Justice" Medium Rei Kenoh, Fang Clan Chieftain, Amiba, Yuda
"Messiah of the Century Legend" Hard Kenshiro Jagi, Amiba, Toki, Ryuga, Raoh
"Conqueror of the Century Legend" Hard Raoh Toki, Juza, Fudo, Kenshiro

Fighting Mania: Fist of the North Star 2[edit]


A sequel titled Fighting Mania Fist of the North Star 2: Clash at the Land of Shura (パンチマニア 北斗の拳2 激闘 修羅の国編 Panchi Mania Hokuto no Ken Tsū: Gekitō Shura no Kuni Hen) was created. It contains all the conent from the original game, but adds 5 extra stages based on the events that happen in the Land of Shura. It also adds a two-player mode where two people could cooperate together or fight against each other.

New Characters[edit]

New Stages[edit]

Course Difficulty Player Opponents
"The New Hokuto Shinken Legacy" Easy Kenshiro Balona and Bask, Geira, Ein
"The Kenka Kenpo Legacy" Easy Ein Buzori, Bat, Jakoh
"Assault at the Imperial Capital" Medium Kenshiro Solia, Buzz and Gill Harn, Jakoh, Falco
"The Kingdom of Shura" Medium Kenshiro Akashachi, Nameless Shura, Alf, Han
"The Legend of the True Messiah" Hard Kenshiro Xie, Shachi, Hyoh, Kaioh

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