Devil Reborn

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Devil Reborn
Devil Reborn Infobox.png
Japanese Name デビルリバース
Romaji Name Debiruribāsu
Gender Male
Martial Art Rankan Nioken
Height ~740 cm (24 ft 3 in)
Residence Villainy Prison
Family Unnamed Mother
Manga Debut Chapter 23
Anime Debut Episode 13
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Killed by Kenshiro via Hokuto Shinken
Voice Actor(s) Eiji Kanie
Dub Voice Actor(s) Joe Romersa
This characters name is sometimes translated as "Devil Rebirth"

The sleeping devil of Villainy Prison!! The Devil Reborn!!
Jackal about the Devil Reborn, Chapter 23: Devil's Awakening

The Devil Reborn (デビルリバース Debiruribāsu, lit. "Devil Reverse") is a giant ogre-like man imprisoned in Villainy Prison for the murder of 700 people set free by Jackal after convincing him he is his brother. Jackal gets him to attack Kenshiro telling him that he the man who imprisoned him.


The Devil Reborn appears as a giant ogre, roughly four times the size of Kenshiro. He has long messy hair with a receding hairline, a beard and a giant nose, and smaller eyes. He also appears to have sharp teeth.

He is shirtless, exposing a tattoo of a vertical flame design. He wears tassets and boots with furred insides. He is frequently depicted as being chained up and has disgustingly long claw-like fingernails.


Despite being so feared by Jackal and the rest of his gang, the Devil Reborn is a rather naive being, falling for Jackal's lie that he's his brother. When Jackal frees him, he attacks Kenshiro under the genuine belief that he is the one who locked him up and belives this lie all the way up to his death, gripping Jackal until he dies too.


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Rankan Nioken[edit]

Rankan Nioken (羅漢仁王拳, lit. "Fist of the Arhat Deva Kings") is the 5,000 year old Indian assassination style used by the Devil Reborn. It has huge destructive power, with the Devil Reborn using it to kill over 700 people in the past.

Character Rating[edit]

The Devil Reborn's rating taken from the Fist of the North Star Ultimate Handbook:

B Tier
Image Power Speed Skills Looks Charisma Total
Devil Re Av.png 5 3 3 1 1 13


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