Jean Carné

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Jean Carne
Carne Infobox.png
Japanese Name ジャン・カルネ
Romaji Name Jan Karune
Gender Male
Nationality French
Occupation French Chief of Police
Affiliation Shanghai French Concession
Manga Debut Chapter 10 (Fist of the Blue Sky)
Anime Debut Episode 5 (Fist of the Blue Sky)
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Shot by Pan Guang-Lin
Voice Actor(s) Masaru Ikeda

The Hong Hua Hui carry out their business thanks to the protection of the police of the French Concession.
—Jean Carné, Chapter 15: A Stunning Show!!

Jean Carné (ジャン・カルネ Jan Karune) is the French Chief of Police at the Shanghai French Concession who allies himself with the Hong Hua Hui. He sets up Goran to murder Qing Bang members, but when Kenshiro Kasumi saves Pan Guang-Lin, Charles de Guise sends him to South America for being a disgrace to the French government.


Carné is a man of average height and average build. He has short hair that reveals much of his forehead that is connected to a beard. He has thick eyebrows and a thick moustache. He noteably wears a monocle on his right eye.

He wears a suit with a cravat and bow tie with dress pants and shoes.


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