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Asuka Infobox.png
Japanese Name アスカ
Romaji Name Asuka
Alias "My woman" (by Ein)
Gender Female
Family Unnamed Mother
Ein (adoptive father)
Manga Debut Chapter 142
Anime Debut Episode 117
Status Alive
Voice Actor(s) Saori Sugimoto
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Asuka (アスカ Asuka) is Ein's adoptive daugther and the reason he works as a bounty hunter. She is kindapped by Ren who uses her as a hostage against Ein, and is saved by Kenshiro.


Asuka is a young girl. She has dark hair of average length and wide eyes.

She wears a light colored dress with a frilled collar and sleeves with dress shoes.


Asuka is an optomisic and encoraging young girl who deeply loves her father. She becomes incredibly distressed when she is held hostage and was grateful to Kenshiro for saving her. She retuns to her normal tempermate after being saved.

After Ein's death, she refuses to cry because she beilves that her father won't rest well is she's sad.


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