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Airi Infobox.png
Japanese Name アイリ
Romaji Name Airi
Gender Female
Residence Mamiya's Village
Family Unnamed Parents
Rei (older brother)
Unnamed Fiancé
Manga Debut Chapter 32
Anime Debut Episode 25
Status Alive
Voice Actor(s) Arisa Ando
Dub Voice Actor(s) Kim Mai Guest
Christina Carlisi (Episode 33)

I'm going to fight! I won't hide anymore!
—Airi, Chapter 64: The Looming Demonic Beast!

Airi (アイリ Airi) is the younger sister of Rei who was kidnapped by Jagi and the Fang Clan. She splashed her face with posion to take away her eyesight so she didn't have to see the cruel world anymore, but after being reminded what bravery is by Rin, she learns to stand up for herself.


Airi is a young woman of around average height with a slim build. She has very long, light hair and very narrow eyes that are completely closed when she was blinded.

She wears a long dress with a veil and sandal-like dress shoes.


Airi is initially a rather gloomy woman, not wanting to face the cruel, barren world after the nucelar war. When Kenshiro saved her and resotred her eyesiggt, she was grateful to be reunited with her brother, but still harbored misery in her heart. After Rin talks with her when Kenoh invades Mamiya's Village, she gains the confidance to finally stand up for herself and fight back.


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  • Crossbow: Airi equips herself with a crossbow, which she uses to shoot several members of Kenoh's Army.



  • Rei: Rei was overprotective of his sister Airi until the two reunited and she learned to live by herself. After she was kidnapped by Jagi, he was enraged and sought out to destroy him. Because of his drive to reunite with his sister, he fell into a dark and violent persona, describing himself as "losing his humanity". He stayed locked in this dangerous nature until he meet Kenshiro and fell in love with Mamiya.



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